Begley Bloom Media’s founder, Laura Begley Bloom, has a history of developing high-impact content-marketing campaigns for BMW. While she was working at Yahoo Travel, BMW approached the team in search of content ideas that aligned with its brand pillars (style, design, arts + culture, road trips). Laura developed the creative concept and content strategy for a series of U.S.-based stories that inspired travelers to hit the road in style — in a BMW.

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While she was deputy editor of Travel + Leisure, the magazine was selected to partner with BMW for the launch of the 6 Series based on a concept that Laura Begley Bloom developed. To meet BMW’s objectives and inspired by its brand pillars, Laura came up with an idea called “Where to Go Next,” in which the magazine selected tastemakers like designer Adam Tihany and artist Jennifer Rubell to predict experiences that were sure to be on everyone’s list down the road. This multi-platform editorially-driven initiative created a revolving conversation with readers and seamlessly merged editorial content and BMW branding to develop a reader experience like no other. Besides articles in the magazine, consumers had the opportunity to interact with these personalities via live Facebook chats and at curated events across the country. Through Travel + Leisure’s social-media channels, user-generated content was solicited and placed within BMW advertising. And the online program included a custom “Where to Go Next” landing page that acted as a forum for users to share emerging hot spots. This program generated $1 million in revenue and 14 million digital impressions.

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