Family Traveller

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The Client: Family Traveller

The Brief: The UK-based Family Traveller — the world’s largest family travel media company — was looking to expand its brand footprint to the United States. Laura was brought on as the chief content officer, directing brand strategy across platforms. In addition to her editing work, Laura spearheads innovative content-marketing programs that bring in revenue.

The Results: Under Laura’s leadership, Family Traveller has launched partnerships with a wide range of brands including Tahiti Tourism, the interiors company Arhaus, and the Finnish fashion brand Reima. For Tahiti Tourism, Laura developed a wide-reaching program to help the brand reposition itself as an accessible, family-friendly destination. The entire Family Traveller team went on location to Tahiti and created content for digital, social, and print. With Arhaus, Family Traveller partnered with the like-minded interiors company to distribute its launch issue in a direct-to-consumer capacity.