Laura’s writing has appeared in a wide range of media outlets, including Forbes, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, Yahoo Travel, CNBC, the New York Post, Epicurious.com, Wallpaper, Elle Decor, Fortune, Glamour, Men’s Journal, InStyle, The New York Times, the London Telegraph, and more. Here are some examples of her work.


Laura is a senior contributor with Forbes, where her column “Transformative Travel” looks at how travel can change lives. Her story “Why Delta Airlines Paid Me $11,000 Not to Fly to Florida” went viral. The story “Apartheid Survivor To Art Activist” is an example of Laura’s multi-media work: It showcased a video that she shot and edited. You can view all of Laura’s columns here, as well as some sample stories, below. Laura’s Forbes column has been so successful that two weeks after its launch, she ranked fifth among all the writers at Forbes, and she continues to remain in the top ten ranked writers for all of Forbes.

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A family travel expert, Laura covers the topic extensively as chief content officer of Family Traveller. She has also written about family travel for outlets like CNBC, Fox Travel, the New York Post, Yahoo, and more. You can view some sample stories, below.

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Laura writes about travel and food for Food & Wine magazine, where she has covered topics ranging from the Caribbean to the Hamptons to cruising.

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While running Yahoo Travel, Laura wrote regularly about a wide range of topics, from news to road trips to style. She launched a series called “Family Travels With Laura,” and her self-produced video piece, “Forget Camping, My Toddler Loves Glamping,” was recognized as a finalist in the 2016 North American Travel Journalists Association awards. Her news piece, “Caribbean Clogged: Seaweed Invasion Takes Over Beaches,” was also a finalist in the 2016 North American Travel Journalists Association awards. Some of the other stories that Laura wrote while at Yahoo Travel are archived on this Tumblr site.

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The former deputy editor of Travel + Leisure, Laura wrote regularly for the magazine while on staff and continues to write digital pieces, both bylined (“How to Travel to the Riviera Maya“) and unbylined (“Cape Cod Travel Guide“). Laura also combines her interests in travel and style to create pieces like “Travel Diary: Namibia” and “Trailblazers,” a package that included a profile of the Cambodia-based designer Elizabeth Kiester. For “The New Nairobi,” Laura traveled to Kenya’s capital to report on the city’s emerging style scene. She went aboard a new Seabourn cruise ship to write, produce — and star in! — “Sea Worthy: Aboard the New Seabourn Odyssey.” The story “Insider’s Guide to the Hamptons” tapped into Laura’s knowledge of this vacation area at the tip of Long Island and is just one of many features that she has written for the print magazine.

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A longtime contributor to Wallpaper*, Laura wrote and edited articles on design and travel and consulted with the editor-in-chief on the packaging of the magazine for the launch and early issues. She also worked with the magazine’s global-branding offshoot, Winkreative, to produce special projects for Abercrombie & Fitch and Camel. Wallpaper* sent Laura on assignment to Arizona to write the story “Desert Storm.” The story “Bill Me” profiled the architect Bill Sofield.

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Laura’s contributions to Fortune have ranged from “Optimize Your Trip,” a content-marketing piece on time-saving travel hacks for Air Canada, to the story “CEO Hideouts,” which told readers how to vacation like a master of the universe to the package “Summer Travel: Surprise Yourself,” which highlighted a number of offbeat activities for the season.

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